The Certified Facebook Ads


Have you ever found yourself:

-Trying to figure out the right strategy for your Facebook Ads?
-To have doubts about the greenness of the Facebook campaigns you find online?
-To try to get the ROI without succeeding?
-Looking for passive income only from the ads you are creating?

We too found ourselves facing these situations, but above all we felt that desire to get the most out of our work as advertisers.

Until Youppla was born.

Youppla takes care of:

  1. Showing you Facebook Certificate Campaigns (all controlled by our Team) and showing you only campaigns that have already been tested and working.
  2. Allows you to share your campaigns that have a positive ROI and have passive income.

This will allow you to:

-See campaigns in your industry and understand what works on Facebook Advertising.
-Create campaigns that have already been tested by other advertisers so with a great chance of having a positive result.
-Have passive income from the campaigns you create by simply sharing them with us and placing them on our portal.